What Goes Into a First-Class
ODM or OEM Service?

What Makes a Great OE Company?

People working together towards common goals and one unified aim make such a company.

But whose goals? Whose aims? YOURS.

As our customer, you are the reason we are in business. You want your customers to have a worry-free biking experience. So do we.

If we aren’t a part of making that happen, then nothing else matters very much.

We will partner with you to ensure you get exactly the product you want and see your customers in a happy place.

Scada General Manager Andrew Huang
I'm Andrew Huang,
Managing Director of SCADA International
Let's have a chat about your OEM or ODM needs soon!

What Our Customers Have to Say

What I appreciate most about Scada is a focus on QUALITY.

Best Practice OEM/ODM

Custom technical solutions plus finely integrated processes. Get a glimpse behind the scenes in the video.

State-of-the-Art CNC

We combine TPS with MES to structure a second-to-none CNC production system. Take a peek at some of these in the video.



SCADA Founded


Began Pedal & Rear Shock Manufacturing


Lean Production System Introduced


From Mass-Production System to One-Piece Flow


Adopted TPS


Moved to New Factory


Introduced MES


Set Up Solar Power Generation to Reduce Carbon Emissions.

Head Shock Launched


Set Up Second Factory at Dajia Youth Industrial Park to Increase Production Capacity

SCADA Corporate Culture & Philosophy


Be a quality-focused, technologically innovative, progressive, and reliable supplier in the global precision manufacturing industry.


Provide a full range of services and build quality partnerships with our customers to achieve our business goals.

Core Values

Team Work
Continual Improvement

Business Philosophy

Uphold integrity.
Colleagues are family.
Create a challenging and fun working environment.
Open management model.
Encourage innovation in all areas.
Cultivate long-term, high-quality partnerships.
Gratefully give back to society.

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